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Marshalltown show was July 31 – August 2 this year. The show grounds are about 3-4 miles west of town right on the highway. Pat and I attended this year since they were featuring Associated engines. This was our first time to attend the show and didn’t quite know what to expect. As it turned out we couldn’t ask for a show to be more helpful. When we arrived there were about eight guys waiting to help unload before we got out of the truck. I couldn’t get the straps off the engines fast enough. After we winched the 12 off the trailer they moved it into place without me helping at all. You cannot park with your engines but when I wanted to go back and forth to my truck, John was there to give me a ride. They have quite a few activities including saw mill, threshing, horse pull, blacksmith, corn shelling, flea market, food, etc. I believe they had a total of about 180 engines of which 65 were Associated. There were also a couple Sherman Smith engines (predating Associated).They also featured Oliver/Hart Parr tractors and had quite a good representation.

If you want to go to a show with friendly and helpful people, this one is it. They have very nice grounds and there were quite a few people that visited our display. They were also there to help load when we were leaving.

Dave & Pat Raines

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