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MO-KAN Antique Power Assn., Inc.                                

The Mo-Kan Antique Power Assn., Inc. is a non profit corporation originally formed
in September, 1972 by a group of machinery, tractor, engine and other nostalgia
collectors from the midwest area.                                                             

The primary purpose of the club is the interest in the collection, restoration, and
preservation of things from yesteryear, to retain and share these items for the
education and viewing pleasure of others. 

Mo-Kan differs from the usual antique preservation societies in that we restore and
run many of the various machines, not just maintain them in a static display. We
schedule a number of events each year where we can display these items and have
them operate for our peers and the general public. Many members also display their
equipment at events sponsored by other organizations in the area.

The type and age of machinery ranges from items 100 years old or older to those
of  recent manufacture. The scope includes horse drawn machinery, steam engines
and steam traction engines in addition to oil, gas, gasoline, and diesel engines.
Members have restored electric light plants, garden tractors, drag saws, feed grinders, governors, pumps, hub caps, implement seats, music machines or instruments and most anything else of general interest.

Some members believe that collectibles should be kept in the same scheme as
discovered (generally rusty or shop worn,) while others restore the item to near original color and finish (including pinstriping). Others completely disassemble a piece of machinery, inspect all bearings and journals, and replace or remanufacture parts as needed to restore it to mint condition.

Some machinery companies such as John Deere, Case, Ford and Allis Chalmers still
sell decals and manuals for the older machinery. Some decals are available from

The club membership has many manuals, parts suppliers, names, addresses, and
contacts with others of similar persuasions and they willingly share this information.

Club Meeting                                                                               

Meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month from October through April unless otherwise noted (see Club Events for individual meeting schedule). Meetings are held at Lathrop Showgrounds in Lathrop MO and start at 10:00 AM for Men's Hands on. A pot luck lunch is at 12:00 AM and a general business meeting will follow the lunch. There is always a Board of Directors meeting at 9:30 AM.


Club Dues                                                                                    

Dues are $20.00 per family per year.

Dues are used to offset the costs of mailing the Puffs N Stuff newsletter and to pay for club insurance and other club expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Mo-Kan Antique Power Assn., Inc, would like more information, or have an item you would like to see preserved or restored, please contact one of the below members. You can also fill out the membership form by clicking here.
(To contact a board member via email please click on a name below)

Club Officers

  • President: Mel R.
  • Vice President: David R.
  • Treasurer: Ann K.
  • Secretary: Dora B.
  • Recorder: Pat R.
  • Director: Bob B.
  • Director: Jack O.
  • Director: Bill B.
  • Director: Buzz W.
  • Director: Jim P.

Other Appointed Positions